Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Winter's return to ManCamp

Some days you just need to kick back and not do anything real productive. After the UPS man made a drop at the 'city' house, I quickly grabbed my cabin packages and ran to the woods. To my surprise, winter had returned. It was 45 degrees, overcast and a 30 mph wind was whipping the pines. I grabbed an arm load of firewood and went into the cabin. After building a warm fire, I didn't want to come out until mid-summer.

The metal art Pines came in today by UPS. They are what I want to accent the bar.

The bar has the feel I was looking for. A place where friends can feel comfortable
solving life's issues over a beer while warming their backs with Beulah's heat.

A Facebook friend and former co-worker, Nita McGinnis, said the cabin
needed a hearth rug. She may not believe it but I listen to her and respect her opinion.

With a 30 mph wind, 45 degrees and the trees being tossed from side to side
above the skylights, it was a perfect evening to start a fire and open some Merlot.

One of my favorite cabin additions; an iPad stereo above the mantel.

With 2500 songs recorded, who could pass up the Outlaws
and Green Grass...who needs a television? 

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