Sunday, April 08, 2012

Making Small Feel Big - I don't want to leave.

One of the objectives of designing our cabin was to make something as small as a 16'x24' structure to have a feel of a much bigger place. Another goal was to give it plenty of windows to let natural light in but more importantly, that can be opened in the Spring, Summer and Fall to allow gentle breezes to softly flow through. The scent of the forest air and sounds of nature under natural lighting is the perfect environment to kick back with a good book and relax. Finally, when the sun goes down in the evening or in the dark of a winter's night, the objective was to create an atmosphere where you feel like you never want to leave. After 3 years working part time on a limited budget and at the price of a used automobile; we have achieved our objective.
Great Lakes Appalachian Hickory Flooring

Nic picked out the sofa and it's back is low so you can look out at the wildlife.

My favorite cabin addition. Love a fireplace.

Laura selected the red textured paint for this wall. Still
need to stain and finish the loft ladder.

Our 28 year old nursery rocker is right at home at the cabin.

Natural lighting makes reading and visiting very comfortable.

Plenty of window for light and fresh air on a Spring day.

Enjoy a book by the fire?

Making small feel big.

This tickles the senses. I don't want to leave when it calls to me like this.

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