Sunday, November 24, 2013

Getting ready for the holidays

Met a young father of 4 small children this morning so I could show him how to find the cabin. Once again I'll be hosting a few "Santa Hunts" before Christmas. Parents with their small children take a hike after dark in the woods and 'find' a cabin where Santa is sleeping in a rocker by the fire. The children get to come inside and sit on Santa's lap while rocking in front of a fire. Pretty magical if I do say so myself. Wish I could share the experience with more but unfortunately it is by exception and only a few get to experience this special arrangement.

Still amazed how much light is generated by LED bulbs. Being off the grid, its important to have low wattage loads and at Christmas, it is great they now make these for trees and trim.

Tree is up and the cabin is decked out.
Picture from 2012 and the Santa hunts at the cabin

Dinner for 2 with a window seat

Cabin is ready for the holidays

A stocking for each of my 3 kids

Took the deer mount down so as not to scare the kids. Santa didn't kill a reindeer

Ready for the big guy


  1. What an awesome thing to do. That has to be the highlight of Christmas.

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