Sunday, April 08, 2012

Breakfast at the cabin

After finishing the flooring on Friday and then picking up a sofa with Nic, staying the weekend to enjoy the fruit of the labor seemed appropriate and well deserved. The weather man was calling for a heavy frost with lows in the 30s which is perfect for building a fire.

The original plan has finally come together and the cabin has the atmosphere I strived to achieve. There would be no sleeping in the loft bed this weekend with a new sofa calling my name. With nothing but the light of candles and slow burning seasoned wood in the hearth, I stretched out and relaxed while watching the flames dance shadows across the ceiling boards.

Morning came early as 10 squirrels converged on the feeders and the porch for breakfast. Chipmunks too timid to risk battle over the feeders picked their share from scraps dropped on the ground. Even the turkeys came out of the woods to feast on the corn and grain that fell as the squirrels fought for the best feeding spot. Although most were gray, a couple of red squirrels also showe up. Missing from the group was the king of Squirrels, Ninja. This was not unexpected as the legendary Ninja is very much like the great wolf Rarden, Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster. He only appears when you least expect him.
A turkey wanders in just off the porch.

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