Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday cabin visitors

Today some first time visitors and others that returned for the first time since much of the work has been completed showed up to inspect progress. My nephew Nathan, his wife Jenny and children; my nephew Matt, his wife Beth and their infant daughter; sister Sandy and Mike Childers; and brother John visited after the Gene Fosson breakfast at dad's cabin on the farm. They seemed to appreciate the work and progress.

I returned late afternoon after mowing grass and trimming at our home in town for some rest and relaxation. What started as a refreshing sit on the porch ended as a long nap on the sofa with all the windows and door open. The wind whipping outside was reduced to a gentle breeze blowing through the cabin that was at the perfect temperature for a relaxing siesta. The sounds of the birds, the wind chimes and the whisper of the pines had little work singing me to sleep.

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