Saturday, April 07, 2012

ManCamp shops at the South Bound Flea Market

Between Piketon and Wakefield, Ohio, on US Rt 23, there is a large flea market named 'South Bound Flea Market' in close proximity to the south bound lanes of the 4 lane highway. Although many friends and co-workers have never shopped there and probably never will, I find myself right at home looking for cabin bargains in this spacious alternative to malls. As an Appalachian and the son of appalachians from eastern Kentucky, flea market shopping comes natural to me. My mother was a flea market vendor. In fact, on the last weekend of her life she was set up at the Washington Court House market selling fine antique glassware while sleeping in her car at night. I have found some very humble and kind people that sell their goods at this Pike County market that are very much like mom and I'm glad I can help them out. Today, I got a number of bargains in under an hour of browsing around. Starting with a fresh unopened 24oz bottle of dish washing liquid for $1. Next, a nice elder gentleman was selling bird and squirrel feeders of which I purchased 5 different ones for a total of $25. I've paid $25 for 1 at Walmart and it was a piece of Chinese knock off junk so I considered his handywork a genuine bargain! I also bought a couple of evergreen bushes to plant beside the porch from Day's Nursery. Mark and Julia Day have a nursery on Yankee Hill Rd in Piketon and were set up selling trees and shrubs. I paid $15 for each; they are $35 each at Lowe's and Menard's.  I also found an accent table for the cabin; it was $35 and well worth it. I highly encourage those that have never been there to give it a try. Go early on a Saturday morning as the bargains sell out fast.

After the shopping trip, Robbie and I went to the cabin where he cut baseboard trim. I stained and installed it before quiting for the day.
5 feeders for $25 at SB flea market

This table was $35 at the FM

Day's Nursery, Piketon, OH selling these for $15 each

Robbie cutting baseboard molding

Robbie fitting baseboard. I wouldn't let him install flooring with his
bifocals. He would either hit is fingers or ding the boards trying to strike
a nail set. However, he does great on trim.

First coat of stain on baseboards

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