Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kuma d.o.g.'s first night at the cabin

My chocolate Labrador, Kuma d.o.g., spent her first night at the cabin and really enjoyed it. After I made a trip through Kroger's for coffee beans, sausage, eggs, ice, beverages and rawhide chewys, we settled in together for a rainy night. Kuma is a nervous dog that gets uncomfortable with change and as a result does a lot of pacing around when in a new environment. Ignoring her stressful routine, I started a warm fire in the hearth, tuned in a favorite radio station and broke out treats. Kuma discovered that stretching out in front of a warm fire on the hearth rug with a chewy bone was just what she needed to relax and settle in for the night. As I stretched out on the sofa, I later awoke to find her snoring peacefully; still in front of the fire with a half-ate rawhide bone at her side.

During the day, it rained off and on and was too chilly to spend much time outdoors so staying inside where the activity outside could be observed from the comfort of the sofa was just fine. I soon realized that everything envisioned when first selecting the cabin site was being fulfilled. Four young deer grazed in the meadow below showing no fear or concern in their surroundings. Turkey wandered around, often walking rapidly through the woods in and out of site. They are timid birds and very untrustworthy; quickly running away at the first sound or sight of danger; whether real or perceived. The squirrel and chipmunk population continues to grow and over a dozen at a time share trips to the feeders or pick at fallen grain. The ground just below the porch appears to move with all the doves, cardinals, chipmunks and squirrels moving about looking for food. I can't imagine a better setting on the farm as it takes full advantage of the wildlife living in the adjacent Scioto Trails forest.

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