Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Free range horses

Sunday, my sister Sandy claimed she passed horse manure on our farm pasture while hiking to the cabin for a visit. This would be an unlikely event as we haven't had horses on the farm in more than a decade. I accused her of not knowing the difference between deer and horse droppings; a remark she failed to appreciate.

Over the months I've worked on the cabin I've had many encounters with wildlife and animals that just seem to wander onto the farm from the surrounding forest. A flock of turkeys, a pack of coyotes, a herd of deer, even a dozen goats have come face to face with me; always when I'm without a camera. I never considered her observation as evidence of yet another unannounced visit. So today, it should not come as a surprise to walk up on 2 horses happily grazing on the pasture as I proceeded to the cabin. I have no idea where they came from or who owns them. They disappeared back into the forest a short time later.

Today I continue installing the wood flooring and have completed about a fourth so far. Without the aid of a nail driver, a specialty tool for installing wood flooring, each board must be pre-drilled and nailed down using a hammer and nail set punch. Have completed the flooring under the front windows and am now installing in front of the fireplace.
"free range" horses show up on the farm

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