Monday, April 16, 2012

Ninja Returns

Today, Kuma d.o.g. accompanied me to the cabin. This was her first visit since the flooring went down and I don't think she was as impressed as the other recent visitors. However, she was happy that I still had a supply of Slim Jims on the bar to share as treats. It was warm with temperatures in the low 80s and very windy today in the woods.

A recurring problem when opening the ranch windows to air out the cabin is that the blinds were installed too low and too close to the top of the window frames. I've had to remove the blinds from under the valances just to get the windows to open. So today, I worked to correct this error by relocating the mounting brackets and raising them about an inch. This shouldn't have been much of a task except for the stripped screws securing them to the frame. Once all brackets were relocated, all 4 windows were opened wide to allow a warm breeze to flow through. With me horizontal on the sofa and Kuma stretched out in front of the fireplace, we both slipped off into an evening nap. That was until I was awakened by a loud clatter on the porch; Ninja had returned. As I raised from my slumber to peer over the cushions, my eyes met those of the king of squirrels as he rocked side to side while wrapped around a feeder. Still amazed at the over sized girth and broad arm span, I was particularly shocked by the size of his ears and broad, full head. We have a bishon frise at our house that is my wife's pride and joy and it looks weak and small compared to Ninja. Finding the corner feeders empty, a 4 foot jump to a hanging lantern was perfect for catapulting onto another feeder still full of seeds. Kuma was oblivious to anything beyond her outstretched paws as she continued her slumber so I was on my own to capture the beast's attention by rapping loudly on the large pane of glass before me. As expected, Ninja stared me down as if threatening to breach the security that separated us before jumping to the porch floor and bounding off into the forest.

Once again, I realized I had no camera to record evidence of his existence.

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