Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Busy days at the cabin

Posts on this blog clearly run behind and are failing to document all the activities ongoing at ManCamp and the cabin in the woods.

Much work has been ongoing preparing for inclement weather. Both 100 lb tanks of LP have been filled, firewood has been cut and the cabinets have been filled with food. There are plenty of  beverages and water for a weekend or week long stay.

Wood roaches were a real end of Fall problem that had to be addressed. Their decision to move into the cabin was strategically bad. Three gas treatments appear to have solved the seasonal problem. Clean up of their dead bodies has been reduced to the one or two finds under a table or chair; unlike the scene in October where a pint jar of dead bodies were sucked up in the vacuum.

The 2013 Christmas tree is now up and holiday decorations are sprinkled throughout.

Santa Claus has been using the cabin for filling out his good and naughty lists this year and I have been fortunate to catch him in front of the fire at work.

Santa has once again returned to the cabin to prepare for another Christmas season.

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