Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Overdue Update

With so much going on it is becoming difficult finding time to update this blog. The cabin is unchanged and traveling through time with the seasons. The good news to share is the cabin hasn't changed and is still every bit as welcoming today as it was 2 years ago.

We find time passes us by and our lives spin on at a fast pace while some things remain the same. Visits to the cabin remain special regardless of frequency, time or duration. Visitors continue to arrive; both those on two legs and 4.

So very thankful great aunt Beulah's family donated her chest of drawers as a cabin asset to cherish and protect from the weather of time.

Recent visitors include 1977 Waverly High School graduate, Mike Patterson who has made a career as an Air Traffic Controller in Indiana, Joe and Cathy Teeters, and my cousin Jerry Sergent from Ashland, Kentucky.

I can't close without thanking Chris and Ed Burkitt for visiting the cabin and bringing over 40 pickled eggs for the bar counter. They have always been good friends and favorite associates so their visit was very special; even Laura came to the cabin. This is the little lady's 5th trip in 5 years to my home away from home.

Mike Patterson enjoying Cabin Time

Two fine people in my life: Joe and Cathy Teeters.
There is nothing better than a big jar of pickled eggs on a cabin

Cousin Jerry hauled great aunt Beulah's chest of drawers from
Lost Creek in Willard, Kentucky to the cabin. What a beautiful
piece of furniture.

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