Friday, October 28, 2011

Just a Stain'n

Took half a day of vacation to work on the cabin today. Too wet and swampy to take Libby up to ManCamp after the recent rains. There is no doubt she would get stuck in the 'swamp' with her street tires so I fired up the 4WD tractor for the trip. It was colder than I expected at Fosson Family Trails today. The cabin thermometer showed 44 degrees inside and 40 outside so stoking a big fire in Beulah was a necessity for creature comfort.

Today's goal was to clean off the sleeping loft where it's been turned into a storage area during the cabin project. I filled the tractor's front end loader with the scrap wood, stacked all the extra 8' boards from the loft on the loader and delivered it all to the barn on the farm. Additionally, all the scrap insulation, dry wall boards, nails and paint was removed. The task needed completed to gain access for installing the ceiling boards above this area. Once the loft was cleaned off, I set up the stereo speakers and receiver on top so I could 'jam' while working.

The final coat of stain and poly was applied to the 20 ceiling panel boards I've been working on for this weekend. I went ahead and sanded and stained another 10 boards to start getting them ready, too. Hopefully by Sunday or Monday they'll be ready to hang, too.

With a hot stove, there was plenty of tea pot water for some green tea. A pan of ravioli made a great lunch. The cabin was 74 degrees when I locked up; just wait until logs are burning in the fire place.

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