Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Do a Little, Leave a Little (or leave alot)

With my trusted companion Kuma d.o.g. always at my side, I was able to finish a few jobs at the cabin today. The freezer door hinge on the refrigerator had to be repaired. It was damaged at the factory and after unpacking the fridge before finding the defect, it didn't make sense taking it back. I was able to replace a hinge pin that was broke off and now it works fine.

It was such a great afternoon with a strong, warm breeze that working outside was a pleasure. The 2" gray water drain piping is now fully installed and buried to service the drains from the kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Lastly, 20 more 10' ceiling boards have been sanded and coated with the first coat of stain/poly seal. Tomorrow they'll get a second coat and by the weekend be ready to install.

With a fire in Beulah, I cooked a pan of bean soup, made some green tea and enjoyed a relaxing evening on the porch as a light rain moved in.

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