Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another day of working on the ceiling

Picked up Robbie at 7:30 for another Saturday at the cabin. It was 35 degrees outside and 43 inside upon arrival. The first order of business was to put a fire in Beulah! We worked at installing the 20 boards I had stained this week. We got up to the skylight frames before running out of boards. Another 20 boards are in the sand/stain/poly cycle. We've got about 400 board feet available at the cabin so there is plenty to work on before the next trip to Menard's. Once we get these boards up we will only need about 300 more board feet to finish this painfully long and labor intensive part of the cabin. Tomorrow a trip to Walmart for some more stain and I'll get back to preparing boards again. Will it ever end?

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