Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall's Gift

A late evening trip to the cabin with Kuma d.o.g. left little time for work which was ok with us. Fall is such a special time of year so we all should take time to enjoy it before it's gone.

As we ascended the cabin porch steps, we were met with a layer of dry leaves that had recently fallen and failed to reach the ground. Fall has come early in southern Ohio and has caught us all by surprise. Arriving 2-3 weeks early this year with colors already peaking, it's beauty came well before any announcement by the news media or weathermen. Leaves are falling rapidly so if we get tonight's forecasted rain, many more will be on the ground by morning's rise leaving bare trees behind for winter.

I love the smell and the sounds of fall. Even in the depths of the woods, the rustling of leaves by chipmunks and birds fill the air. After picking another 'fruit' off the cabin wine bush, I enjoyed a glass of white merlot as we sat listening to the evening sounds below.

Kuma was the first to hear a deer on the hill above the meadow and attentively watched as it slowly navigated down to a salt lick on the opposite bank of the creek below. We both watched as it cautiously looked toward the farm house and distant township road surveying for approaching danger. It had no idea we were watching and were much closer than anything it feared.

Evenings like this reminds me why I built the cabin.

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