Friday, September 30, 2011

Stress Relief at the Cabin

Today was a good day to get away from everything and have a mental health day at the cabin. After a trip to Menard's, I picked up Kuma d.o.g. and headed for the woods. It was windy and the temperature continued to fall all afternoon. I built a fire in Beulah, put a pot of coffee on and hung about 12 ceiling boards that Brandon helped me stain this week. We fell short of our goal of preparing 50 boards but the 40 that are stained and ready to hang will keep me busy throughout the weekend. With Nic working at Hocking Inn, Brandon going to the OSU game and Robbie going to an auction in Jackson, it looks like I'll be working alone. Sometimes it gets really difficult getting a 10 foot board's tongue in the groove. Your arms aren't long enough to work both ends so you just have to have patience and be innovative with a mallet, hammer and nails.

I'm still amazed at Beulah's efficiency and value to the cabin. I hope we have a cold winter where both the stove and fireplace are providing warmth as I'm sure it will be cozy. I opened a can of Spaghetti-Os, poured them in a sauce pan and set them on the stove. Within just a couple of minutes they were piping hot and steaming. The coffee is getting better too as I continue adjusting the amount of grounds and time on the stove.

Before leaving, I put pinto beans in a pan to soak. Saturday will be a day of corn bread and soup beans slow cooked on Beulah. 

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