Monday, September 26, 2011

Cabin Update

With today's rain, I didn't want to deal with Kuma d.o.g. going to the cabin with me. Like all Labradors, she loves water, mud and just basically getting filthy so I left her home (and dry). Working alone, I completed another 10 ceiling panel boards today. This makes 30 boards ready to hang with hopes of completing 50 for this weekend. We're trying to find someone that has scaffold to reach the peak but if we're unsuccessful we'll just rent it. Sharing a few update pictures in today's post.

Fireplace illuminated with recessed spot lights mounted in ceiling.

So impressed with LED lights. A 7 watt LED PAR30 light is equivalent to a 50 Watt light. 7 watts is like a
night light. Although bright, they work great off the grid when powered by solar, generator or batteries.

Today's finished product. Ten more ceiling panels ready to install.

My Paula Deen percolator and tea pot.

South Bound Flea Market canisters under $10 for set.

Bathroom ceiling light

Bar Snacks or Dog Snacks? ...Both. Now we need some pickled eggs.

Another South Bound Flea Market purchase. Wooden measuring spoons for $1.

This is supposed to be a votive candle holder. Its a stemless wine glass in my opinion. Might need to get
more of these; only $7 on Internet website.

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