Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Memories

Today, just after sunrise, it was 40 degrees when I arrived at the cabin. A handful of kindling and some sticks of seasoned hickory and Beulah was hard at work warming up the kitchen. Laura had recently gave me a Paula Deen stove top percolator coffee pot that I loaded with fresh ground beans and set on the hottest skillet. While things were warming up, I walked to dad's cabin to pick up a paint brush. Upon return, I opened the front door and was taken back by an aroma of hickory smoke, hot cast iron and fresh coffee percolating on Beulah. My kids have yet to enjoy this unique and special smell; it is exactly what a cabin is supposed to smell like. It immediately took me back to 1965 when we first moved into the farm house and mom would have a pot of coffee percolating on the kitchen's wood burning cook stove as she prepared a farm breakfast. I love how the senses and mind retrieves memories from the depths of your soul.

Cabin progress today included the installation and wiring of recessed lights above the living room just below the ridge beam. Two directional lights illuminate the fireplace with the buck in the middle. I  also put a last coat of paint on the utility room walls and shelves.

At the end of the day after darkness moved in, I lit some oil lamps, shut down the generator and enjoyed a glass of Crown and coke in the quite with nothing but the crackle of wood burning in the belly of Beulah to break the silence.

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