Saturday, September 24, 2011

Back to South Bound Flea Market

I gave Robbie, Brandon and Nic a break from helping me out this weekend.

Nic left for school last night and is moving back into Hocking College this weekend for his last year of Culinary Arts. Brandon planned to spend the day watching college football with friends while Robbie had things he needed to do at home. Solitary days like today can actually be rewarding if time is managed effectively.

After filling the squirrel and bird feeders, reading the morning paper and drinking coffee on the porch at dawn, I returned to the US 23 South Bound Flea Market. I'm becoming a regular and some of the vendors I buy from remember me and are very friendly; they know I'm a 'buyer' and not a 'looker'. I had an agenda as I was looking for a wood burning stove skillet lift handle and a short stove poker. I found the perfect stove poker and a vendor promised she would bring me a lift handle next week so it was a successful visit. While looking around, I picked up a set of smoked mason jars with glass lids in descending sizes to use as canisters for flour, sugar, coffee and tea. The set was only $8 and looks great on the counter. A lady had a unique set of wooden measuring spoons on leather cord for $1 that I couldn't pass up. I also found a buck deer head toilet paper roll holder for the bathroom for $10. Lastly, I found a cast iron corn bread mold that makes "corn cob" bread for $5 and a cast iron muffin pan for $6.

Upon return to the cabin, I fired up Beulah and put on a pot of hazelnut and cinnamon coffee to percolate while sanding and staining another 100' of ceiling panels. The boards Brandon and I prepared this week are ready to hang but the goal is to get about 500' board feet completed before focusing on installing them.

I'm going to try to get Laura to visit the cabin this weekend to share progress. She hasn't been very interested in it so far while under construction but I think that will change as it gets closer to completion.

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