Thursday, September 22, 2011

Father and Son

This week I invited my oldest son Brandon to help with work on the cabin. I regret that he hasn't been more involved and as a result, he hasn't gained the same appreciation of the progress and accomplishments on the project as my youngest son, Nic. All is not lost as there is still many tasks left to complete and we worked together on one this week. With only 400' of 1900' of ceiling panels stained and installed, we still  have a major project needing completed. Brandon found out how slow this progresses as each board must be sanded, vacuumed and stained at least 3 times before installation. He also found out how much I appreciate the help and how much quicker the job goes with 2 people working together. We only prepared 100' of paneling this week but these boards are some of the best looking panels yet. They are smooth and shine like glass so I'm pleased with our efforts.

Since we could only complete the work on a finite number each day, there was also quality time available on the porch for discussing the world's issues. This is what the cabin was built for; this is one father's way to reach out to his three children and show them he has a heart, a dream and soul where they can talk about things important without the distractions of a daily routine.

I was so pleased when Brandon told me that he now looks forward to this time together.

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