Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend dedicated to the cabin

The cabin weekend started early Friday in Kroger's where a number of items were carted out to the Jeep for the trek back to the woods. Adult beverages, ice, snacks and food for the cabinets and pantry made the trip. A trip to Walmart and another load consisting of pillows, sheets, bird feed, squirrel food, bird feeders, and solar spot lights made the trip, too.

Saturday, after measuring the living room area it was time to commit and order the finished flooring. Both Lowe's and Menard's had finished hickory flooring which is the final choice. Finally settled with Menard's and placed an order. This was a big commitment that will last a lifetime. With a 50 year warranty (whatever that means since Menard's won't be around in 50 years), the 3" wide, random length finished hickory will certainly give the cabin character and warmth. Should be in by April 1st and then the fun begins. While there, a couple of solar lanterns for the porch made it to the cart. After Menard's, stopped in Water beds and Stuff and picked up a new lamp. It is a fake sycamore tree with a couple of black bears climbing its branches. It caught my eye a year ago and their price of $75 was half what it was selling for on the Internet. Also picked up a free standing cup rack that is deer antlers. After Menard's a stop in Hobby Lobby where a cast iron key rack made its way to the Jeep and is now mounted beside the door. A trip to Lowe's and 60 solar lanterns to hang from the porch made the trip south.

Sunday started with a trip to the Southbound Flea Market. Lots of new vendors and mostly junk. Did come away with some items for the kitchen. Once at the cabin I refilled the feeders as not only is Ninja Squirrel back but all the chipmunks are out of hibernation and hungry. The wild birds are also going crazy at each of the feeders, too. I sharpened the chain saw and cut some Beulah fuel as work on the vista continues for a porch view to the meadow below is opened. Before leaving, solar lights were installed on the porch and in the woods to illuminate the pines after dark.

The porch after sun down. Off the grid but fully illuminated by solar lights.

Nic home for Spring break enjoying the cabin lighting.

60 solar LED lights and a few solar lanterns.

Solar spot lights illuminate the forest pines.

The pines set the mood in the darkness.

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