Saturday, March 03, 2012

Relocating Pines

After a 'super cell' brought tornadoes, high wind, hail and rain yesterday evening to southern Ohio and specifically Pike County, I was anxious to get to the cabin to see how it weathered the storm. As expected, not a bird feeder was out of place. You wouldn't know any violent weather had came through if you weren't told. The cabin is protected by the surrounding hills and is pretty safe from violent storms.
Once inspections were complete, I began looking for something to get into. With Spring just a couple of weeks away, the trees are already budding and things are starting to get green. After noticing all the little pines trying to grow in the winter's clearings, I realized many were taking root at the base of large white oaks. Clearly, they have no chance of long term survival so close to the base of a healthy hardwood. I decided to dig them up and transplant each one into the open areas around the cabin. Some day, the cabin will be surrounded by majestic pines.

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