Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sundays are for God, family, and a cabin in the woods Part II

Recently on a warm Sunday afternoon, my wife and daughter visited the cabin to assess progress. Before long, my sister Sandy, her husband Mike, son Nathan and grandchildren Saydi and Nolan came out, too. Sundays are good for relaxing with family. They all seemed to enjoy their cabin visit.

Mike taking his grandson Nolan for a walk around the cabin.

My nephew Nathan inspecting the kitchen

Natalie checking out the 'potty'.

Natalie admiring the living room view.

Nathan and Nolan enjoying the wind chimes

A young man and his son

The chipmunks entertain porch spectators.

The Childers preparing to head back off the hill.

Saying goodbyes before the long walk back down the trail.

My daughter Natalie, sister Sandy and wife Laura
enjoying the porch.

Mike with his granddaughter Saydi
Nathan checking out the view from the loft bed

Nathan stoking the fire in Beulah.

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