Friday, March 30, 2012

Flooring has arrived!

After a not so pleasant time at work, the week ended on a high note as Menard's notified me that the flooring for the cabin came in. In haste to pick it up, I drove the Liberty without considering how long the boxes would be. Who would have thought they would package the flooring in boxes 7 feet long? A trip back to Waverly for Dudley (the old Ranger PU), I returned to "Door 9" for my special order. By the time I arrived at the farm it was dark but this didn't stop me from grabbing the tractor and making a couple of trips back the hollow and up into the woods to off load it in the kitchen.

After finishing the dry wall in the bathroom and putting a primer coat of paint on, its ready to paint, too. Looks like there is plenty to work on this weekend.

UPS has been making frequent stops so new items have arrived that I'm anxious to install in the cabin also.

Returned to the 'city house' to say howdy to Laura and the dogs. Looks like a storm moving in tonight which is perfect loft sleeping weather under the sky light so I'll be heading back out to the cabin. Might have to stop by Kroger's on the way first to stock up on essential provisions for a late evening in the woods.

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