Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Porch ready for Spring

After stacking fire wood on the porch that was never needed, this evening's chore was to split and restack Beulah stove wood for cooking and split and move fireplace wood under the porch. Once completed, I swept and mopped the porch and moved the charwood cooler outside to be closer to the action.

The closet door has been stained and sealed and ready to hang. Plan to put 1 more coat of stain on the bathroom paneling and door frames before sealing. Still need to sand the 2 drywalled walls and paint. A trip to Menard's is coming up to get the bathroom vanity.

I have Ninja Squirrel's cousin living above the porch ceiling. How convenient for him to drop down on a bird feeder and rob the seeds.

I stayed well past dark just so I could see all the solar lights kick on. So very peaceful.

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