Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Flooded Hollow

Tuesday's heavy rain flooded the hollow and saturated all paths to the cabin to the point that only the 4WD tractor was up to making the trip back into the woods. A pair of knee high gumboots would be needed for the walk; something I didn't have readily available. It's amazing how much water comes off the watershed above the farm after such a rain event. The drive was enjoyable none the less as there was an invigorating Spring-like atmosphere; even though it is just mid-January. Once at the cabin, there was such a contrast in weather conditions as time progressed. What started as a very loud, hard rain on the metal roof, soon gave way to strong wind, clearing skies and almost 60 degree temperatures. The change was perfect for sitting on the porch with a glass of wine while listening to the overburdened creek rage below. It also brought a variety of wild birds out to feast on the re-filled feeders, to my enjoyment.

Having other obligations, my stay was short but I did have enough time to measure and hang the new wall heater in the main room. Hanging it was the goal since this was the most difficult part of this mini-project. Drilling through walls and running the gas line to the outside tank would be easy and wouldn't require much effort. With Ohio's winter weather and the short term forecast, its anybody's guess when this supplemental heat source will be needed to keep the cabin above freezing during times when Beulah is dormant.

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