Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cabin Windows

The ManCamp weather station said it got down to 11 degrees last night yet the portable LP heater set on low kept the cabin above 40. For me, this is a good temperature to work in; being one of those sweat hogs that breaks sweat even when its zero out. My friend and helper, Robbie, once asked me, "why are you sweating? we haven't done anything yet." My response was, "well, I'm breathing - that's something." At least when its 40, I only soak my shirt and not my pants, too. I love cold weather and really appreciate it when winter settles in since I run hot all the time. Never could figure if that was healthy or not or just genetics as I recall dad having the same issue; he lived to be 84.

Satisfaction from building a small cabin comes from knowing how each little incremental step can later be identified as progress toward completion. Today included some of those little steps that still made a difference. The cabin has changed from where it was yesterday and even I can say it was for the better. Once again the UPS truck stopped by the house yesterday and dropped off a cabin package. It wasn't very big but it contained an order placed on line about 4-5 days ago with Cabela's.

Its been over 6 months since Laura visit the cabin project. Her last visit was to help determine what colors to use for the wall in the main room, the kitchen wall above the breakfast bar and the bathroom walls that were not paneled. I remember her saying there was way too much brown and that the cabin needed color. It was hard for me to find fault with a brown cabin; after all, wood is brown and everything from the ceiling to the floor was wood. Since I'm color blind, her assistance in picking out the colors was a big help and one that others will  appreciate more than me. On the other hand, I tried to consider her comment when placing the order for window valances with Cabela's. I was so anxious to open the box to proudly show her that some of us are trainable. I had picked out valances for the main room windows with confidence they were rust or red and would look good with the red wall painted with the color she'd selected. As the first set was pulled out of the box, she burst my bubble as she says - BROWN!! "You have way too much BROWN in your cabin, you need some COLOR!" Well, so much for a color blind Appalachian trying to pick out fabric on a computer. What I clearly thought was going to please her simply re-enforced her conviction that the cabin needs a color make over.

My plans of having a deep, brown or saddle leather sofa probably won't be received well either. Should better start looking for something aztec now since one more brown piece will be one too many; especially after installing the (brown) wood floor.

Other than needing ironed, I'm still pleased with the window valances. This is just one more check mark in the completed column for cabin progress.
Need a little ironing for those brown valances

Relocated the oil lamp to avoid a fire

The world always looks better through the cabin windows

Corner windows on north east corner of cabin

Whats not to like about brown curtains in a cabin?

Much better picture of the kitchen valance

window above kitchen sink

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