Thursday, November 10, 2011

Top of the ladder

Still making good progress installing ceiling boards in the cabin. I'm working at the dangerous level on the 8' step ladder. You know, the step that you don't ever want to go above. I've been working on the 'uphill' side or the side in the cabin that has the skylights. All boards have been installed between the skylights and now I'm just above them. There is less than 2' needing paneled to complete this side.  A little slow down cutting around the recessed light but that too has been completed. Also picked up more insulation to install. It seems to work real well just sliding 23" wide pieces down between rafters after installing boards. I really need to find another step ladder that is 10 or 12 foot tall or just set up scaffolding to complete this. I'm now ready to take down the Buck head and get serious with finishing out this side. Also plan to finish the skylights with finish boards and trim. Looking back, I'm running 1-2 months behind where I wanted to be at this time but the ceiling will still be finished and we'll move to the flooring next. I've been looking at furniture. 'England' has a nice queen size sleeper sofa that is a combination leather and aztec that would go great under the window. I'm already having dreams of sleeping in front of the fireplace on a cold winter night.

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