Monday, November 28, 2011

First Day of Deer Gun Season

The first day of gun season finds me in the cabin holding down the fort and ensuring nobody considers the cabin as an oasis in the woods. Southern Ohio brings out all kinds of people in search of their first kill of the season. Unfortunately, property lines and fencing is seldom respected when in the hunt. Thankfully, no issues and no close gunshots.

Worked on hanging more ceiling boards on the unfinished lower half. The ceiling is 24' long so I took a tape measure to check just how far off my courses were from one end to the other. I was shocked to find that both ends measured exactly 29" from the top of the last course of paneling to the ridge beam. We've been very lucky with this cabin being square. Who would have thought that after all these boards installed that we would be perfectly plum! With 10 unfinished boards at the cabin, I need about 15 more to finish this project. Looking forward to completing it and tearing down all the tooling and moving on to laying tongue and groove flooring. I actually enjoy that project since all the boards are already finished and computer cut to tight installation specs.

Beulah really likes the wood Robbie and I cut this past weekend. She sure throws off lots of heat. Great green tea stove.

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