Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cabin Coffee

After two months of trial and error, finally, a percolated pot of coffee on Beulah that has full body, is aromatic, and filled with tasteful flavor memories from mom's kitchen 40 years ago. It took grinding beans and many failed sample pots but I lucked into it by chance Saturday morning. After incrementally increasing the measured grounds, I inadvertently lost track of time and percolated the pot 15 minutes. We're there, it was great, not bitter, just right. Now, when visitors want a rich, unique cup of java while visiting, I will be serving up the best the cabin has to offer. Another project completed.

This weekend I completed boxing skylights with 1"x 10" finished pine, now ready to frame and apply some stain. Continued with ceiling paneling and still making good progress as completion nears. Ray Rigsby, a friend and great man, loaned a 12' step ladder that should provide access needed to finish without having to erect scaffolding.
Beulah hard at work in the kitchen.

Pot of coffee percolating on the scalding top of Beulah.

Skylight above loft after boxing it in with finished boards

View from where bed on loft will be positioned. Nothing but
God's heaven above to enjoy both during the day and night.

Antenna erected at edge of forest behind cabin.
Still using the old rotor from mid-70s.
HighDefinition antenna upgrade.

Good, HD picture on TV "free through air".

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