Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cabin regulars

What a cold rain today in the woods! Although it was only 43 degrees, the wind and rain made it feel much colder. Before staining trim, I built a big fire in Beulah and knocked the chill off. With a pot a coffee percolating, I made some 'turtles' by placing Rollo's on top of tiny twist pretzels and baking them in the oven. A former co-worker, Rich Gill taught me this little secret and he was right, they are succulent! With the generator running, I put True Lies in the DVDs and kicked back with coffee and turtles.

The free range goat herd in the forest are now regulars at the cabin. Could be the corn I throw out but I just think they are really curious. They really don't harm anything and leave about as soon as they come. Just another group of friends that are always welcome. Someone will end up picking one off and try to pass it off as a deer kill. This is southern Ohio...

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  1. When are you putting up the Christmas Tree?