Sunday, November 27, 2011

Making Progress

Finally, the upper ceiling is completed. I thought having the loft would make this side more accessible but I didn't realize how difficult it would be installing the final 4 courses. Too close to the edge to have a good seat and yet the ladder was no help as it couldn't be positioned close enough. I learned to work with 1 foot on the loft and the other on the ladder to finish the runs. Now anxious to finish the lower side. Looks like about 20-25 more 10' boards to finish this.

Finished staining the hickory finish board to go on the ridge beam. Using the same Early American stain but it looks much different on the hickory than pine. It will look really good in contrast with the ceiling at the ridge.

Robbie assisted with cutting firewood this weekend and we were successful in filling the tractor's front end loader with 3 loads that we neatly stacked on the porch. Really glad he helped out, I don't have the patience to cut the 2-3" diameter stove wood by myself. He just kept feeding branches to me and we cut enough to keep Beulah hot for weeks. The little stuff burns really hot and is quick to warm up the oven for biscuits and corn bread.

As we were sitting in the woods while I sharpened the saw chain, the 'free range' goat herd came wandering by with their bells ringing. I have no idea who owns these rascals but they seem to enjoy just hanging out in the woods. They stopped to munch on honeysuckle surrounding a locust and then were off into the woods again. A large flock of wild turkeys also came through just migrating from one ridge to the other like they owned the place.

We filled the bird and squirrel feeders to keep everyone happy. Ninja squirrel is still coming around and still competing with the raccoons and chipmunks for the shelled corn. Looking forward to the first snow at the cabin this year with all the dependents that come through looking for hand outs.

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