Saturday, November 05, 2011

The cabin keeps me coming back

Today at sunrise I picked Robbie up and we arrived at a cold cabin for work. It didn't take long to warm the place up after building fires in both Beulah and the fireplace. We knocked a 30 degree chill off in a hurry and it was quickly a warm and toasty 70.

We worked on hanging the last of the pre-finished ceiling boards before quiting due to the Ohio State Buckeye's game at noon. I don't recall how many boards were actually hung but it was less than 10.

After the game, I took Kuma back to the cabin intending to sand and stain another 10-20 boards. Nic and his friend Kaleb showed up so we just hung out instead of me doing any work.That is the joy of building a cabin, you really don't have to do anything if you don't want to. With darkness moving in, we built fires and sat in front of the fireplace listening to the radio. Nic and I enjoyed some green tea made on Beulah while he tuned in Christmas carols on the radio. Nic asked if I would put a Christmas tree up in the cabin this year.

The magic begins.

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