Saturday, August 04, 2012

Family Drive to ManCamp

Darren and Carma Baker own a Jeep Liberty which made a perfect vehicle to take their young family for a drive back into the forest to visit ManCamp. Darren and Carma are a couple made for each other; both love the fine arts, including pottery, photography and folk art. Darren is an instructor at an Ohio university while Carma pursues her first love of art around her day job in a chemical plant.

Visiting with them was a refreshing blast from the past. I can recall the day Carma was born in 1972 and her parents proudly presenting her to her grandparents, Pearl and Freida Barch for the first time as I just happened to be in their home at that time. Its funny how life works and how events seem connected through the course of time. Now, 40 years later, we sat on the cabin porch and exchanged stories while observing various wild birds as they stopped by for an evening bite.

Darren and Carma's young children followed the lead of others with their fascination of the loft ladder and sleeping loft. There is something about that steep climb that attracts the little ones.

Darren and Carma Baker and their two children visiting the cabin
for the first time.

Carma and me sharing a Kodak moment at the cabin.

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