Saturday, July 14, 2012

Creating Memories

A week of anticipation finally became an event that memories are made of for a young boy enjoying his first night in the deep darkness of the forest at ManCamp cabin. Charter ManCamp member, 'Robbie' Robinson brought his young grandson Isaac to the cabin to experience the magic of a forest hide-a-way away from television, computers, phones and civilization.

Isaac, who is very inquisitive, will be going into 2nd grade this fall and to my knowledge had not had a similar experience to date in his young life. Prior to our arrival at dusk, the pantry and ice chest was stocked and plenty of food for woodland visitors was on hand.

Isaac was ready for the adventure and quickly explored his new surroundings upon arrival. Nightfall came quickly and it wasn't long before we were roasting brats and marshmallows on an open fire. Isaac insisted we share our ghost stories with him and I was quick to oblige. It didn't take him long to realize he wanted the comfort and security of the cabin interior to protect him from the evil lurking in the shadows of my descriptions.

A night filled with raccoons trashing the porch, imaginary spirits and 8" spiders and my own reverberating snore kept this young soul awake more than asleep. At sunrise, I fired up Beulah, put on the sausage, coffee and pancakes that brought Robbie out of his slumber and buried the fears and concerns Isaac had faced.

Life is too short. In less than 12 hours, we were able to have a most positive influence on a young life and provide an opportunity to experience real fun and adventure through hikes, chores, fellowship and the protective surroundings of a loving grandfather and family friend.

Isaac Smith, grandson of ManCamp charter member Dick "Robbie" Robinson cooking some cheese filled brats for our supper.

Isaac's flaming marshmallow.

The smile tells it all. He won't forget his night at the cabin.

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