Monday, August 20, 2012

Man-Camp unplugged

I added another cabin essential prior to Fall's arrival; a recliner to sit in by the fire. It really has been long overdue. Over the weekend I found out just how much I've missed having one and broke it in. With the generator silent and the battery/inverter at rest, the candles and oil lamps were lit to set the evening unplugged atmosphere just before starting a fire. Although it's still August, as in years past, Brandon's birthday on August 10th marks the beginning of cooler Ohio evenings and nights. The weekend temperature in the forest fell into the low 50s. Warm enough to still have the windows open yet cool enough to start a fire; especially since I choose to sleep on the sofa with nothing but goose down pillows all around me.

Kuma was with me and she loves sleeping in front of the fire on the hearth rug. I opened a small bottle of wine but hadn't finished a glass before falling into a deep sleep in my new chair.

After waking long enough to throw another log on the fire and to move to the sofa, I was quickly back to sleep. At around 3 am, a pack of coyotes began howling right behind the cabin. If you've never heard them or knew what you were hearing, they'd scare you to death in the middle of the night. They howl like sirens with a modulating pitch up and down. When there is more than one, they sound like something off "The Lost Boys". Kuma d.o.g. was scared to death. Then again, it doesn't take much to scare her as she's a big baby.

After taking the bin of squirrel food to the porch for filling the feeders, I got distracted and forgot to fill them before heading back into town. Upon my return, they had 'broke in' to it, and cleaned it out. The little impatient rodents have no appreciation for all I do for them.

The new recliner is just what we needed for sitting in front of the fire.

I don't remember why I didn't finish the glass of wine before falling asleep.

With the cabin unplugged, there is still plenty of light sources to make it comfortable.

The candles in the window are battery powered LED with wax and flicker flames.
Much safer than actual candles. They come on at dusk and stay lit for 5 hours.

The beautiful deer mount is over 23 years old. Such a proud, majestic beast he was.

The bear candle flickers in step with the fire.

Another view from the recliner.

Kuma d.o.g. loves to sleep on the hearth rug.

The kitchen table reminds me of Little House on the Prairie. A perfect setting
for eating soup beans and corn bread made by Beulah.

The little rodents couldn't wait for my return to fill their feeders.


  1. Beautiful construction, concept and ambiance.

    1. Thank you George. It has been a fun project that we've really enjoyed. I feel so blessed and fortunate to be able to get away and relax on my own time and schedule.