Sunday, August 26, 2012

Life Passing By

Today a couple of good friends we have known for many years came to visit Laura and me. We have known Chris and Eddie Burkitt from Smith Hill in Piketon, Ohio, for years; too many to count actually. We always enjoy their company and typically laugh together until we almost cry. It's times like today that I realize how short life really is. It seems just yesterday we were young and reckless with so much before us. Our children were young and so innocent and we spent most of our time sharing pictures and talking about each and their events. Now we find ourselves discussing our own retirement and our now adult children; still worrying about each and their every move.

Chris and Eddie followed us out to the cabin this evening where we once again enjoyed each others company as in years gone by. In the dusk of the day, we sat on the porch and laughed as we have many times in the past. Later in the evening, Ed and I went inside and sat on the sofa in the light of a fire, oil lamps and candles while we discussed alot about nothing. The cabin provided us both an opportunity to appreciate the simplicity of life where you really don't need much at all around you to be happy. A fire in the hearth, a couple of oil lamps casting shadows across the room and music streaming from the mantel stereo above made us both recognize how little it really takes to bring peace to the mind.

Through the course of the evening, we all enjoyed plates of shrimp, cheese, meat and crackers as we visited until late into the night. Near midnight, Laura and I offered the cabin to Ed and Chris as we returned home.

Seeing their faces, I knew we were giving them romantic time alone that money can't buy. Life passes us all by. Tonight, it slowed down and gave us each an opportunity to appreciate the ride.

Eddie and Laura enjoying the shrimp
Eddie and Chris checking out the loft accomodations
Eddie enjoying yet another cabin beverage
Chris and Eddie just before Laura and I said good bye for the night

I knew when we built the cabin we would need electrical recepticals on the porch. A box fan does well addressing hot flashes.


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