Sunday, December 09, 2012

Soggy Weekend in the Woods

There is nothing pleasant about a cold rain that lasts for an entire weekend except when listening to it on a cabin roof. With temperatures in the 50s during the day and 40s during the night there was little need for a stoked fire to keep the place warm. In order to keep coals hot, I continuously kept a small log in the hearth which was more than enough to keep things comfortable; at least for a cabin. The smell of cherry wood burning is quite pleasant to the senses.

Kuma d.o.g. stayed close as much as she could throughout our visit. I don't really appreciate it when she goes out on a walk-about only to return with mud on her pads that she quickly tracks across the floor. A beautiful wood floor isn't so nice once a big Labrador walks all around with wet paws.

The trail was so wet and muddy from all the rain that an alternate route had to be cut to avoid the slop in the deep ruts from earlier visits. If this rain pattern continues, larger tires will be needed if I expect to continue making the trip in the Liberty.

With Kuma holding down one end of the sofa as she desperately worked on a rawhide bone, I stretched out on the other while watching an old movie, True Lies, in the light of candles and Christmas lights. Of course, I never finished the movie as the sound of the rain was so hypnotic that I fell asleep before it was half over.

As in years past, I hope for a winter with blankets of deep snow. Hopefully, sometime soon, perhaps before Christmas one will arrive. Until then, we will just continue holding out and listening to the rain.

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