Sunday, December 02, 2012

Night visitors

The call came in just before 9 pm. Two Jims, Jim Sevens and Jim Snodgrass had their wives, Kathy and Wendy, en route to ManCamp. Under the cover of darkness, they would drive the back roads to confuse and disorient them to protect and preserve the privacy of the cabin's location. Arriving within walking distance, with flashlights in hand they began the trek on the trail into the woods before the moon ascended and illuminated its surroundings.

Opening the door, I met the four of them climbing the porch steps with gifts in hand; fuel for the generator and a bottle of wine for the house.

Inside, we visited and talked about Santa's recent visit and the beauty of the cabin surroundings. After a short photo session in front of the fire, they departed into the night.

They are now each better off having enjoyed a few minutes of their lives on cabin time.

Jim and Kathy Snodgrass

Jim and Wendy Sevens

Kathy and Wendy with me.

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