Sunday, December 02, 2012

Dark, Wet, December Hike

Just after 6 this evening, with Kuma d.o.g. at my side, I drove to the forest near ManCamp and parked the Jeep a distance from the cabin; just under a half mile.

Under a heavy overcast sky with thick fog all around, darkness had already arrived on this 2nd day of December. A light rain greeted us as we exited the comfort of our ride and began a hike in a northern direction absent a light of any kind.

At the tree line of a pasture, sounds of bloated rain drops falling freely off wet branches above made unquestionable splats on the bed of saturated leaves covering the ground below.

As we proceeded deeper into the black of the woods, a peaceful feeling enveloped me. With nobody around and nothing to fear, the forest harbors no evil but man himself. Even at risk of encountering a pack of coyotes, a random bobcat or a rare black bear wandering inside, it fails to raise the slightest concern. Truly at peace in nature’s surroundings, I could easily find comfort stretched out on the wet forest floor if it wasn’t for a better choice awaiting us.

We arrived at the cabin in total darkness just as the black clouds released a volley of showers that roared on the metal roof above.

As I lay horizontal in the fully extended recliner under the warmth of a throw, Kuma took advantage of the vacant couch where she drifted off into an evening nap.

Once again, a week ends on a peaceful, positive note where no negativity is allowed and cabin time begins.

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