Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reloading Firewood

With rain and colder weather in the forecast, I spent time on the west side of the farm in the forest cutting firewood for Beulah. Its amazing how many white oaks have died and are either dropping limbs or falling over. At least there is an abundance of seasoned wood available. With the front end loader filled, I returned to the cabin and off loaded it all on the porch to air dry for a future day.

Continuing work on the loft railings and trim. Its a slow progress due to having to cut, stain and then cure before installing. With the hand and foot rails up, I'm now installing the spindles while also cutting, staining and installing quarter-round trim around the loft flooring.

Cleaned out ashes in the fireplace and installed a new cast iron grate. Also installed a solar spot light out near some pines off the porch to shine on them after dark. Lastly, after seeing Ninja Squirrel searching the empty feeders, I picked up 50# of squirrel food to keep him and his little buddies, the chipmunks (that are still awake) fed over the next week.

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