Friday, December 23, 2011

Back to Menard's

With the Christmas season upon us,  time is very limited to just relax at the cabin. The transition in life to the big elf in red keeps me almost too busy visiting children to get much done on the project. However, today I arrived at Menard's when the doors opened to take advantage of their Christmas sale on flooring. The loft is not a high traffic area and at only 8'x12', once a full size bed is installed there really won't be much floor space so laminate flooring is going to be installed. I wanted to avoid the really thin laminate as I've heard nothing but bad reviews on it. I picked out the heavier grade with padding already installed on each section. To cover the ~100 square feet, Menard's had a good quality floor for about $80. I'll be installing this and building the loft ladder during the holiday break. Also picked out posts and railing for the loft. I'm planning wrought iron artwork in the center section of black bears running through the forest. After putting the loft ladder rails up, I've decided to hang the ladder at the far end of the loft just around the corner from the bathroom wall. This will allow it to stand offset from the wall without becoming a tripping hazard. It also opens the entire 12' length of the loft for the wrought iron artwork which will be about 68" x 32". Going to look nice and be an eye catcher upon entering.

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