Monday, May 06, 2013

Spring Rain

Unless you have new plants in the ground or recently sowed grass seed, weather like today's leaves little to enjoy outdoors less there is a cabin in your life.

At ManCamp, from the back depths of the front porch, raindrops managing to find their way onto the wooden slats below are far removed from dry sock feet as they spray on contact from their fall.

Hearing the gentleness of a constant early May shower as it disrupts new leaves in every direction around is as relaxing as a child's bedtime lullaby.

Torn between spending time on the porch or in a loft bed beneath the metal roof above is a pleasant set of options.

Love of the seasons in the forest is hard to separate into most or least favorite. Each are unique and offer so much to ease the mind. Winter's soft yet silent snowfalls are as beautiful as one could imagine yet an early spring rain my mom would call a 'good soaker' brings out the color and life of the woods for another year. Summer's relentless heat is rewarded by iced down beverages on the porch as a symphony of tree frogs, whip-poor-wills and life on the forest floor entertains casual observers. Fall delivers the colored, falling foliage, cool evenings and the crisp smells.

How blessed I am that I can come here and distance myself from all the advancements of civilization and time if only for a short period.

This is nature; this is where we evolved and where we all shall clearly return.

God's creations.

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