Saturday, May 11, 2013

Deep Sleep

I'm finally understanding an interesting phenomena I've discovered about my connection to the cabin. It involves sleep.

Months ago, when sleeping in the loft bed for the first time, I thought the cabin was possessed. As I went to bed staring out the skylight at lightening above, I fell fast asleep as rain danced gently on the metal roof. At some point later I awoke feeling an evil presence, weight on my chest, I couldn't move a muscle and I felt like there was a vibrating sound all around. This unusual sensation didn't last long at all but the emotional event was significant. So significant that I began searching on the Internet to better understand what I experienced. I found out it was not uncommon and it is attributed to waking during pre-rem sleep. Rem sleep is the deepest stage of rest where dreams occur. The body's large muscles are paralyzed during rem, perhaps to prevent us from acting out in our dreams. The sensations I felt were text book descriptions others had used to describe thinking their bedrooms were possessed. Once I understood the science, I never feared the loft or the chance of pre-rem awakening.

Yesterday during the afternoon rain, I stretched in the recliner and fell into a deep rem sleep where I began dreaming. A nap became a much needed rest event where a few hours passed and I awoke feeling I had traveled abroad.

Last night, I hiked to the cabin in a steady rain and darkness to the comfort of the couch for a night's rest. With all the windows open and that rain outside dampening the tree frogs singing above, I again fell into a deep rem sleep that lasted much longer than perhaps it should. Long adventurous dreams kept my mind active while the body was at rest.

The cabin is my dream world. Nights there are always filled with adventure.

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