Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Somethings in the porch ceiling

The cabin porch ceiling is 6' x 24' and boxed in.

Well, sort of; it's supposed to be boxed in.

Procrastination resulted in the north end, which is about 17' above the ground, being left open awaiting a final section of paneling.

It should come as no surprise that this dry sanctuary from the spring rains would attract a tenant or two.

For the past two evenings as the sun drops below the western hill and the string of porch lights twinkle to life, something nocturnal begins stirring above my head and above the porch ceiling.

At first I thought this mystery may be the infamous Ninja squirrel but not knowing the life cycle of a squirrel, I had my doubts he was still alive to taunt me again.

It is clearly bigger than a bread box and walks around as if to exercise before going out for the night.

I wondered if it was a troll or an elf as each would be more welcome than a destructive gangsta 'coon. I have yet to see this creature and although I sit with a Winchester Model 92 32-20 rifle at my side, I'm not motivated enough to erect a ladder to inspect this dark, foreboding space.

One evening as I sit in the dark, it will reveal itself.

Until then, I will sit and wonder as it walks above.

Something is living above the porch ceiling

Failing to close the north end just invites guests to make a new home

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