Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mid March Visit

A mid-week cabin visit without family, friends or trusted companion, Kuma d.o.g., fills a personal, nagging need. An uncharacteristic absence driven by obligations, stress, and fatigue is finally overcome by shear desire to do my own thing, my own way, on my own time as I return once again.

While I've been away, the youngest son took full advantage of our cabin creation. At an age closing in on 21, who could blame him?

Parental instincts influenced an inspection to confirm order was maintained in my absence. To my surprise there was little evidence of wear from sharing our hideaway. Empty wine glasses in the sink, a well burned fireplace candelabra, a lingering scent of incense and a young ladies' signature in the guest book adorned with hearts was all that remained.

It was clear the cabin served a purpose that extended beyond my personal needs.

A passion for quiet time alone was the primary objective of my visit. Raiding the fridge, a Coke was tapped to mix with the last ounces of Honey Tea to accompany peanut butter encapsulated pretzels found on the bar.

The recliner waiting by the fire forms to a middle-age spread as shoeless feet reach beyond it's length to the warmth overflowing from the hearth. Music breaks the silence as it streams from a favorite station on the airwaves.

Content, with no desire to leave, reality reminds me this mid-week visit will be cut far too short.

After absorbing as much as I can, acknowledging the return to the world I live and work includes recognition of how special these opportunities are.

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