Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bird Watching

Today was overcast and cold for mid-March with winter not wanting to yield to spring which is just a week away.

Sitting inside I have a clear view of the recent arrival of feathered friends that enjoy a cabin's hospitality and free treats that fill the feeders.

Even with the Regulator on the wall ticking seconds away, the silence inside is so complete that my ears ring. As a breeze blows just beyond window glass separating nature's wonder from a camera lens, I sit comfortably in the recliner capturing images of God's creations. Nothing can be heard except the passing sounds of time.

Not a sound but that of time as it ticks away

Blue jays are always getting their share of food

The male cardinal is so beautiful and proud

Cardinals were always my mother's favorite bird on the farm

The eastern bluebird is so very beautiful

How can anyone not like these beautiful little birds

Winter must surrender to Spring's arrival

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