Monday, March 04, 2013

A Special Place for Rest

One of the symptoms of a tendon tear in a shoulder's rotator cuff is discomfort when trying to sleep. Although days are now filled with nagging pain, it's not until bedtime that the pain intensifies where sleep evades the body. At the end of a long sleep deprived day, hiking in the woods with Kuma d.o.g. at my side provides a much needed distraction as we navigate the creek bank and climb the thawing, muddy hill to the cabin lane.

Once on the cabin porch, I remove my muddy shoes and wipe the wet earth from my companion's four paws before entering our evening sanctuary. Inside, I check the thermometer on the wall and am satisfied with its report. Powering up the inverter was as simple as flipping a switch that instantly powers lamps, the fireplace garland, furnace blower and the radio.

Finding a bottle of Red Stag Honey Tea that accompanied me home from Jim Beam's Kentucky distillery weeks earlier, I pour a shot as I kick back in the cabin recliner. Kuma d.o.g. paces in circles repeatedly before settling in a curl on the fireplace rug.

With no memory of falling asleep, I awake with an empty shot glass in my lap hours after kicking back for a little rest.

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