Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year from ManCamp!

A new year brings much hope and anticipation for happiness, prosperity and peace.

Today, the new year started with a frigid walk in the woods with Kuma to give her some much needed and deserved exercise. Although the mud and water holes were ever present as the snow spottedly gave way to wet ground below, I just couldn't deny her an opportunity to be a dog where she could play outside on the first day of a new year. Realizing she will now be 7 in 2013, I must acknowledge and accept our companionship is finite and running out as she ages; an over-weight Labrador's quality of life significantly decreases as they approach 10 years of age. Tolerance, mud, and wet paws ring in the new year.

The cabin porch steps are heavily iced and not recommended for those who worry about such hazards. Filling squirrel and bird feeders required multiple trips up and down to retrieve seed, cobbed corn and critter mix for our dependent friends. Like an apprentice, Kuma made each trip with me as if I needed her help.

The blanket of snow throughout the forest provides a stark contrast to bare trees and life within. Sitting quietly on the porch we watched a young buck move cautiously through the woods on the western hill across the creek.

Wildlife has accepted the little cabin among the trees as well as those who remain unseen.

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