Sunday, January 13, 2013

A true friend

Having been under the weather for going on 9 days, it was therapy to return to the cabin with Kuma d.o.g. to get some much needed rest. I can't say it was the flu, although it started out as if it was, but I can say it was a nasty cold that migrated from my head to the chest. After missing a couple of days of work, I found myself hacking around and feeling bad for an entire work week before finally getting to a doctor for help and relief. With a bottle of presciption cough syrup and a supply of antibiotics, I didn't need anything more for the hike into the woods as rest was the highest priority.

Kuma was content settling down in her cabin bed with one of her many Christmas chewys still awaiting her. I wasted little time starting a fire before killing the lights to maximize the period of darkness ahead of a new day's arrival. That Friday night's rest, although on the cabin sofa, was the best sleep I had had in over a week.

By the time Sunday arrived, I felt 100% better. After taking down the Christmas tree, I completely cleaned the cabin. By evening, I decided it was time to pick up Robbie, a friend that helped Nic and I build the cabin, to come out and visit the progress. Robbie hadn't been out since September 2012, as he had a knee replaced and was undergoing therapy and recovery. Knowing he had finally recovered but planned to have his other knee replaced in just a week, there was no better time than today to drag him back.

A willing guest, Robbie joined me this evening for some much needed male bonding. Some adult beverages, the first season of Rescue Me, and time to reflect on the value of the project was just what we both needed. I have no friend as close as Robbie as he is the one person that accepts and appreciates me like no other. We find ourselves aligned with similar interests in life; family, health and happiness. To sit and relax while knowing it is but a finite break from the reality we both face daily is all we needed to recognize our friendship is still strong regardless of life's distractions.

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